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Donate Us!

Dear Brother’s, 

As you know that “TheCrackBay” is providing every single crack of the software to there visitors without getting profit which them. It is impossible to run websites and without expenses. Because we have to pay the hosting fees and so on!. So, we have to pay a very huge amount of payment to the hosting companies.


We provided the setup file even it is 60GB and more. So, now we need your support to keep running our website and servers. Please show your love by supporting us or donating to our donating addresses there are some limited methods to donate if you want some more address then you should have to contact with us.

Payment Methods:

  1. Bitcoin Wallet Address {3K4ioJAT5xTCdWSzemeBcLSTcdz9ZzC2bZ}
  2. Litecoin Wallet Address {MEfsUHR7PhJL2aSr9fttBySC3FGbXH5p1u}
  3. XRP Wallet Address {rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg} XRP Tag: (3248836801O)
  4. Ethereum Wallet Address {0x153f1f9086C5D9A9C2C091406814A64F478cA21D}

Or Want Some Other Methods Like Payoneer or Other! Feel Free To Contact On Contact Us Page!

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